Men's Fellowship

Mission Statement

  • To have an effective home mission’s department operating at all levels of the church.
  • To have an effective theological, educational, specialised and discipleship programs.
  • All ministerial and lay leadership to submit themselves to ongoing training and education to effectively serve the church.
  • To be indigenous, self-supporting, self propagating and self-governing church at all levels.
  • To continually seek and understand God’s will for the church.
  • To seek co-operation relevant to God’s work.
  • To reach out to all races and communities.
  • A church that is sensitive to social responsibility, i.e. community projects.

Value Statements

  • We shall not gamble
  • We shall avoid polygamy
  • We shall avoid sexual immorality and indecencies
  • We shall avoid spiritual idleness
  • We shall engage ourselves in social and economic development programs
  • We shall uphold Godly family standards
  • We shall tithe regularly
  • We shall financially support the church activities
  • We shall encourage the timid, help the weak and be patient with one another