Youth Ministry

Purpose and Function of the Christ Ambassadors (Young people's department)

  • To plan and promote Spiritual programmes to save and conserve young people for the kingdom of God.
  • Promote a clear and deep understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ amongst young people.
  • Encourage young people in the fulfilment of the great commission.
  • Encourage young people to lead righteous lives as true disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Promote true and meaningful fellowship amongst the young people locally, zonal, district and national levels.
  • Provide a platform for young people to develop and exercise their gifts and talents within the Christian context.
  • To help young people understand the relevance and implications of the Gospel in their everyday lives within their communities.
  • To create amongst the young people interest in and commitment to the activities of the church.


To equip the church to win, build, and send youth to fulfill the great commission.


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